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posted this on August 18, 2011, 11:22

API Documentation - Mobypicture Developers

About Mobypicture Developers

Build your own applications on top of Mobypicture, like over 1200 others have done before you using our extensive API.

You can find find out more about the usage of the Mobypicture API in the API Documentation . To use the API you have to get a developer key . This also allows you to promote your Mobypicture enabled app on the Mobypicture website.

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  • Labs: Added Google+ as a posting destination August 11, 2011
    As an experiment we added Google+ as a posting destination on Mobypicture. This means that when you post your adventures, using the native Mobypicture apps or any of the over 1200 Moby powered applications (Twittelator, Twitteriffic, Tweetdeck, Twitter for iPhone, Plume for Android, Gravity for Symbian, etc. etc.), your photo, video and audio postings can [. […]
  • A Moby a day… July 15, 2011
    With all these sharing and picture apps, why should you actually use Moby? A question I get pretty often. Well there is a lot of reasons, some are obvious, others need a closer look. Especially for this we’ve made a page in Zendesk explaining our USPs. Take a look and share this with your friends! […]
  • +1 July 12, 2011
    source: XKCD push the button I’ve been experimenting with Google+ (find and add me here) for a few days now and we started adding support for the +1 button as of today. Although there is no way to post Mobys to +1 yet (they didn’t release any APIs yet) this is a first to step […]